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Joined Up Marketing

Integrated Email, Web and Offline Marketing
Capture customer data from campaigns, web interactions, offline sales data.
Make the most of your customer data.


Audienceware pricing is simple

  • One monthly Contract price - resources all inclusive as per the table below
  • Covers Web, Email, Analytics or a combination of all three
  • Just select a Contract level that includes your resource requirements

The Audienceware Advantage

  • Flexible - upgrade or downgrade to suit your needs
  • Volume discounts - the more you buy the more you save
  • Pay Annually to receive 12 months for the price of 10

Need More?

  • Mix and Match - talk to us about tailoring a service to meet your needs


  • You can choose to buy prepaid blocks on a casual basis
  • Minimum order is 2 hours prepaid for $240
  • You can use your hours as and when you need for up to 12 months


For Ticket Agents & Venues

Unlock the value of audience data.

We work with ticket agents and venues unlocking the value of their audience data to improve profitability and increase revenue by employing advanced CRM practices and technologies.

How we help

We leverage existing data assets employing industry leading CRM practices for a competitive advantage.

  • Increase revenue - improve profitability and grow your revenues 
  • Customer Relationship Managment - Retain. develop and unlock the potential from your customer base
  • Insights & Data Management - get greater insights into your customer base, provide promoters and clients with better marketing

What we do

  • Data assessment - review quantity and quality of existing data assets
  • Audience Analysis - high level examination of existing audience behaviour to identify areas of potential, development and focus
  • Improve customer marketing & proposition to promoters/clients

Key benefits

  • Revenue growth by attracting promoters with a more compelling marketing proposition
  • Maximise loyalty and repeat business from existing customer base
  • Improve Marketing effectiveness with full data intelligence, embracing advanced analytics
  • Eliminate marketing wastage on ineffective campaigns and media spend
  • Basis on which to make better programming decisions

Want to know more

If you would like to know more please contact mick@audienceware.com



Service Features Basic Intermediate Advanced
Installation Reporting Set Up
Standard Customer Base Reports
  Single Customer View
  MultipleData Sources
Advanced Segmentation
  Propensity Modelling  
Price Annual Free £990 POA

* Unlimited  - fair usage policy applies.

Additional Services

Service Description Rate
Technical Support Systems issues, administration access Free
Custom Support Content Management £59/Hour
  Bulk Data Processing £59/Hour
  Customisation £59/Hour
Custom Design We work with graphic design partners who will quote based on requirments POA



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Audience Analytics


Minimize risk. Maximise reward.

We help you get the benefits of your very own analyst, without all the headaches and on-costs. 

We provide all the deliverables an analyst would provide that ‘Unlock the Value’ of your CRM data, providing reports, insights, answers to key questions about customer behaviour, and ultimately recommend targeting actions to generate genuine returns from your CRM investment.

How we help

MRC works confidentially with the senior management of live music venues, theatres and large independent promoters, assisting with the programming decisions, helping to develop event programmes inline with audience demand and identifying product with a low probability of commercial success.

What we do

MRC helps management of this most critical financial risk by delivering accurate predictive analysis of the Box Office value of live shows, and by identifying and quantifying their commercial value to assist with better programming decisions providing insights and advice to those responsible for programming.

The biggest risk for venues, promoters and producers is investing resources in products which fail to deliver an appropriate profit, or any profit at all. The portfolio approach has obvious advantages in spreading risk, but further raising the ratio of 'hits' versus 'turkeys' has an enormous beneficial impact on a studio or independent's fortunes.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce volatility
  • Minimize risk
  • allocate resources for maximum benefit
  • Make better programming decisions

Want to know more?

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