For Ticket Agents & Venues

Unlock the value of audience data.

We work with ticket agents and venues unlocking the value of their audience data to improve profitability and increase revenue by employing advanced CRM practices and technologies.

How we help

We leverage existing data assets employing industry leading CRM practices for a competitive advantage.

  • Increase revenue - improve profitability and grow your revenues 
  • Customer Relationship Managment - Retain. develop and unlock the potential from your customer base
  • Insights & Data Management - get greater insights into your customer base, provide promoters and clients with better marketing

What we do

  • Data assessment - review quantity and quality of existing data assets
  • Audience Analysis - high level examination of existing audience behaviour to identify areas of potential, development and focus
  • Improve customer marketing & proposition to promoters/clients

Key benefits

  • Revenue growth by attracting promoters with a more compelling marketing proposition
  • Maximise loyalty and repeat business from existing customer base
  • Improve Marketing effectiveness with full data intelligence, embracing advanced analytics
  • Eliminate marketing wastage on ineffective campaigns and media spend
  • Basis on which to make better programming decisions

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