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Here are some more details for those who need a comprehensive web service, and what's included in each package:


Service Features Bronze Silver Gold
Installation Website Set Up
Configuration Menus, Main Pages
Theme Standard Templates,

Custom Colours
  Custom Templates  
User Posts Unlimited Stories, Blogs,  Polls
Hosting Website, Email
Media File Storage 100 MB    
  1 GB    
  10 GB    
Media Photo Gallery,

Audio/Video Posts
  Customised Views  
Custom Views Advanced Content

Display Templates
Custom Forms Application Forms, Online Surveys  
eCommerce Online Store    
CiviCRM Setup and support    
Analytics Google Analytics
  Custom Web Reports    


  • Unlimited - fair usage policy applies -defined as consistent with and without impact to normal usage of the majority of clients using the services.
  • Audio/Video posts using externally hosted service are unlimited (e.g. YouTube, soundcloud etc), otherwise limited by file storage capacity.



Service Features Basic Intermediate Advanced
Installation Account Set Up
Contacts Import Initial Bulk

Data Upload
Templates HTML Templates for easy campaign set up
Multiple Lists Segment customers for increased relevance
No of Contacts 5,000    
Online Reporting Campaign Tracking, Opens and Click
Advanced Analytics Segmentation,

Propensity modelling

* Unlimited  - fair usage policy applies.


Additional Services

Technical Support Systems issues, administration access Free
Custom Support List Management $80/Hour
  Bulk Data Processing $80/Hour
  Campaign Management $80/Hour
Custom Design We work with graphic design partners who will quote based on requirments POA





Service Features Bronze Silver Gold
Installation Account Set Up
Data Preparation Initial Upload ans Assessment
Single Customer View Master table of key summary statistics

on every customer
Customer Basics Customer Base
Summary Statistics Totals, Averages,

Frequencies, Trends
Product Analysis Top Sales  
RFM Recency, Frequency, Monetary
Profile Analysis Comparitive statistics

by RFM segment
No of Customers 1-10,000    
Marketing Performance Online campaign reports - open and click rates
Multiple Data Sources Sales, Email, Web, more feeding into Single Customer View  
Segmentation Cluster analysis, grouping customers into behavioural groups    
Propensity Modelling Scoring most liekly to respond or buy, applied to email    


Additional Services

Service Description Rate
Technical Support Systems issues, administration access Free
Custom Support Data Management £80/Hour
  Analytics Presentation £80/Hour
  Custom Reports and Analytics £80/Hour
Custom Analytics Special projects requiring dedicated development and resource management POA



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